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District Cooling Summit - Days 2 & 3

Plenty more pictures from the last 2 days of the conference!

Panel Speakers, Panel Discussions, MACE team members at the event and more...

George Berberi

George Berberi

Moderator, and District Cooling expert George Berbari kicks off the Conference.

Various speakers take on the stage:


MACE's Nidal Salameh is on stage as part of a discussion panel

MACE team members at the conference ...

MACE Interview with Qatar TV

Nidal Salameh, Managing Director, MACE Qatar

Nidal Salameh, Managing Director, MACE Qatar

Qatar TV interviews Mr. Nidal Salameh, Managing Director of MACE Qatar during the 2012 Annual District Cooling Summit.

Nidal talks about how MACE believes it can be a major player in the future development of District Cooling Projects in Doha Qatar over the coming years:

"... we believe we have the track record and the expertise to execute the ambitious dreams of our clients, and make them a reality..."