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Utility Diversion Works on Qatar Rail Metro Green Line


PORR - SBG - HBK Joint Venture awards MACE Qatar two subcontracts.

1.  Package 3, Stage 1 is for wet utilities diversion at Al Rayyan/Qatar National Library Station.

The works include:  

  • Diversion of a GRP sewer 1100mm in diameter.
  • Isolation and Over-pumping of sewage flow of up to 800 litres per second.
  • Construction of a permanent diversion of the 1100mm diameter sewer by microtunneling
  • Construction of new manholes. 

The works also include diversion and shut down works of Kahramaa's existing potable water lines in the same location.

2. Package 2, Stage 7 calls for temporary storm water drainage diversion at Al-Rayyan/C-Ring Station.

The works involve:

  • Setting-up, operation & maintenance of a safe and reliable fully automated temporary over-pumping system.
  • This system will handle a maximum flow of up to 320 litres per second for a period of 4 years with sufficient spare capacity

MACE Qatar is approved by Qatar Rail, Ashghal and Kahramaa to carry out utility works, emergency works, shut down works as well as operation & maintenance.