Prequalifications and Registrations

MACE Qatar Registration / Approval and Pre-qualification with major clients in Qatar. Ashghal, Lusail, Barwa, Qatar Petroleum, Kahramaa, Hochtief, Samsung C&T

Registration and Pre-qualification with Major Clients in Qatar


ASHGHAL (Public Works Authority)

  • MACE Qatar is pre-qualified by Ashghal for bidding as main contractors on the LRDP (Local Roads and Drainage Programme) in Group 3 as part of a JV with China Harbour and ALCAT
  • MACE Qatar is also pre-qualified to bid as main contractors for LRDP in Group 2 as part of a JV with China Railway 18th Bureau and ALCAT. 
  • MACE Qatar is currently engaged in carrying out Stormwater (R.C. pipes), Sewage (V.C. pipes) & Irrigation (HDPE & D.I. pipes) networks on CP5B (Lusail) which require ASHGHAL approval


Lusail Real Estate Development Company

  • MACE is currently constructing over 85km of various pipeline networks on CP5B (as a sub-contractor to Samsung C&T) involving R.C pipes up to 2.2m in diameter, D.I. pipes, V.C pipes, GRP pipes and HDPE Pipes.
  • MACE Qatar is also pre-qualified to bid as main contractor for the marine packages CP12C and CP12E.



  • MACE Qatar is an approved contractor for laying ductile iron pipe networks of all sizes as is the case currently on CP5B
  • MACE currently participates in various works KAHRAMAA tenders as main contractors.


Barwa Real Estate Development Company

  • MACE Qatar is an approved (and reputable) contractor for utilities (e.g. Chilled Water System, Sewer, Street Lighting, H.V. Cabling etc.) and has successfully completed 3 contracts for Barwa Real Estate Company as a sub-contractor to Hochtief Solutions M.E on the Barwa Commercial Avenue Project.
  • MACE Qatar is a pre-qualified contractor with Barwa Real Estate Development Company.


Qatar Petroleum

  • MACE Qatar was approved to work as a subcontractor on Qatar Petroleum projects in Ras Laffan involving major GRP pipe jointing and laying works.
  • MACE Qatar is now on the official approved vendor list of contractors following a successful E-Registration process.


International Contractors (Including. EPC Contractors)

Mace Qatar has successfully completed projects for the following international contractors with whom it enjoys good relationships:

  • Hochtief Solutions Middle East Qatar WLL
  • Fisia Italimpianti
  • Dodsal Engineering & Construction Pte Limited
  • Daewoo E&C
  • Impregelio
  • Samsung C&T